Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gathering with my ex lunch kakis

Guess where we went for our heart warming gathering??? Heeeheee... Greenhouse @ Ritz Carlton for their international dinner buffet. Too bad Mrs Tootsie is still in Basel if not surely she will enjoy as much as i do. Since a long time all of us sit down on the same table for a meal. We reach there at 6.30pm sharp then we keep chatting and eating just like the good old days in Ciba... guess what time we leave?.... 10.30pm +++ then we all left..
Here are some nice pics of the food for Mrs Tootsie to drool her saliva.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

18 days more.... Counting down......

Keke... dunno y I getting very excited that 5th of June is coming soon. To be exact, 18 days or 432 hrs or 25920mins or 1555200secs to our big day... But Mrs PDA like no feeling, no excited at all. She say she only closer then will feel it... Keke... maybe I too kiasu liao, so early feeling excited dunno 4wat. Silly me...=)

Posted by Mr PDA

Mrs Pda: Darling you say until i so unfeeling... i am only not as kiasu as you only. I believe i will get excited when the date is nearer. Sadly my ankle is still not ok, hopefully i will be able to wear the sliver heels on my ROM.

35 days to our New Home

16th of May is our 1st appointment at HDB. Keke... a bit anxious and I should say we sign paper sign till blur... So many documents to go through and sign. We going to loan 211k for a period of 30yrs... Guess we will be LKK by then=p. 35 days more to the date that we collect the key to our new house. So happy... keke... Mus start looking for contractor and furniture liao.

After that, we went Fortune Resturant for Dim Sum with my future in-laws. Food was not bad but a bit x compare to Redstar.

Actually want go jalan jalan but Mrs PDA got a "BAD" leg so went back home to play Mahjong. Too bad Mr Tootsie not in S'pore to join us. Keke...

Posted by Mr PDA.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mrs Pda is injured

On 15th May morning on my way to work, i fell down on my buttocks and sprain my ankle. Wah kaoz this is the first time i sprain my ankle. I went to a chinese sin seh then i end up with these....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mr Pda's birthday @ Olive Tree

09th May 2007

On Mr Pda's birthday, i decided to bring him to Olive Tree @ Hotel Intercontinental.

Heres the pictures of the food.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Wedding Shoes

04th May 2007

Finally bought this pair of sliver heels from CK Tangs for my Wedding.

Friday, May 4, 2007

A date with my Mr PDA

Its another Friday, looking forward to this weekend too… Yippie my darling finally is not working on sat or sun. So he can accompany for the whole weekend. Today he is not working too.. So we are going dating hahalolz………. Dinner will be light for me and heavy for him so that eventually our sizes will balance hahalolz… I am going orchard to search for a pair of shoes for my wedding day. The bridal studio's designer recommend me to buy a sliver color pair of shoes for the actual wedding gown and night gown… Hopefully I can get one comfortable and pretty shoe today. Then maybe we will end our night with a Spiderman 3 movie!!! Its been ages since we catch a movie together coz there is no good movies around!!!