Thursday, April 26, 2007

Healthy Breakfast for Mrs PDA

It’s a rainy morning today again. So I decided to take the mrt instead of bus to avoid any possible traffic jams on BKE and PIE. Hehe bump into Miss C at Bugis Mrt, luckily when we are walking towards our office building the rain was not heavy anymore if not we will definitely be drenched again. Feeling healthy this morning so I decided to buy a orange and carrot juice with a banana for breakfast from the office building's canteen. After finish drinking the orange and carrot juice .. Ooh no my stomach still feel empty, luckily I have a banana with me.. Guess what I feel full after a banana. No wonder people says banana is a healthy snack for people who is dieting. Trying hard to slim down hopefully I can make it in time for my ROM.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mrs Pda's Bonus

Finally the variable bonus for a period of July 06 to Dec 06 has arrived… thought at least will have 0.5 mth but .. Sigh.. Its only peanuts.. Only 0.2 mth only!!!! Wahh… this really causes me to think whether is it really time to search for another job. Sigh… after second thoughts I think I better "ren" coz I still need to hold my wedding this dec and renovate the house all that by this dec. Its really siong on Mr PDA's pocket alone. So I need to help him in a way even though I can't help much but I think at least I will not become his burden is already good enough. Hang on Mrs Pda!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

ROM Gown Fitting

Today finally is the day to go and try on the rom gowns that is available in the bridal studio, sadly none fit me ... think i am really too fat.. time to really diet. hehe after trying lots of gowns.. then the designer came by and ask me, anything u like? then i say no. Very nice of him, he ask his boss to MTM a gown for me. Yippie!!! and we ended our day with dinner @ Sakae with my family members.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

First day of My Strict Diet

Finally today I started my strict diet to prepare for ROM and wedding…since morning I have been drinking lots of water to cleanse my body. For lunch I meet up with Mr Tootsie and Mr O and I thought I would be eating at some food court so that I can eat something not fattening.. Haha.. In the end the food court is too crowded so we decide to go for MAC … oh my .. MAC … and I ordered one fillet O fish meal..but I took only half of the fries and my drink I ordered one hot tea without adding the sugar…. Hopefully it helps to reduce my carbo intake hahalolz.. For dinner I think I will not take anything.. Hopefully this strict diet of mine would really make me slim down in time for my wedding.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

$$$ Saving

After so many days staying in, finally can see Mrs PDA. Met her at Orchard for shopping and went to a kopi tiam at Lucky Plaza level 4 for lunch. Keke... Save $$$ loh. Food is pretty good there. The roast duck was nice and the hor fun was smooth and soft. Who say good food comes xpensive.... After that went Taka shopping. Went to the Men's bazzar at the atrium to buy socks. Mrs PDA created another joke... MR Pda took a pack of socks up and Mrs PDA says, " That's looks like underwear." Mr PDA turn around and started to laugh..., that size, MR PDA cant even fit himself in when he is 1 yr old.... Hee... The day ended with us meeting Mr Tootsie for dinner and a mahjong session at Mrs PDA's house. Kaoz... Mr Tootsie "eat" or money again.... We must take our revenge when Mrs Tootsie is back in SG. Keke...... Mr Tootsie, thanks for the ride home yesterday else taxi fare will be "xiong"=).

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mrs PDA Not feeling well

Aiyo aiyo... My Mrs PDA dunno wat happen vomitted during lesson today... Mr PDA worried for her. Mrs Tootsie sick, Mrs PDA oso sick. Hope both will be well and good asap. "Gong Gong Boh Bi"

Mrs Pda writes: Thanks darling, i am feeling much better after days of detox by eating only bread.

Monday, April 9, 2007

First day @ DG course

Its really a shitty morning ... my mobile clock don't know why suddenly was faster by one hour. So early in the morning my alarm went off and i thought it the time was 7.20am so i get off the bed and zoom into the bathroom to get ready and zoom finish my preparation within 1/2 hr and even manage to call a cab and its reaching in 5-8mins time! Suddenly i wonder, why is my younger sister still on the bed, its 7.45am already she is going to be late so i went and wake her up, and kanna scolding from her, "oei its only 6 plus not even 7am yet!" OMG! i quickly went and check my 2nd sister's mobile hers is also 6plus not even 7am! i quickly zoom out to cancel my cab booking! Nvm i thought shitty morning was over .... not over yet.. i hop on to another cab at around 7.36am, then i reach Changi at around 8.33am it took me nearly 1hour to reach changi by cab during peak hours ... guess how much is the cab fare??? its near to 32 bucks! Luckily its not my $ if not i sure broke for this month!

When i reach the Changi Airfreight Centre, its so troublesome to get into the place, i still need to change for a visitor pass to get into the bloody place, then i thought by using my NRIC i should be able to get the pass, but NO! i still need to have a letter from the SAAA to show to the customs before i can get the pass. So i waitted for nearly 20 mins to get SAAA to fax it over to the customs and then i can exchange for the pass. It was really a terrible morning till now.

Finally, i reach my destination, its really paisei as i was late for the class. but its ok, coz the trainer looks quite friendly. The lesson was boring enough but its ok better than working hahalolz.

Class ends early and i went to Changi Village to meet Mr Pda for dinner and head home after that as Mr Pda needs to go back camp to stay in as he needs to wake up at 4.30am tommorrow for some training.

thats all folks.. may tommorrow be a better day for me!

Mr PDA Writes: Mr & Mrs PDA had a great time at Changi Village. Famous Nasi Lemak, Fried Chay Quay, Satay and "Hong Chai Long Yan"! Great food at cheap price!!!! Best for couple saving up for marriage and renovation=)

2nd Year Anniversary

Finally its our 2nd yr anni together with Mr Pda, hehe.. yesterday, Mr Pda brought me to a Italian restaurant at Chip Bee Gardens somewhere near Holland V to celebrate. Its actually quite sweet of him as he still bothers to buy a stalk of rose for our anni as we are saving up for our wedding and hse renovation. Really touched! thanks darling! Can't imagine how fast times really files... we known each other for 8yrs as friends and 2yrs as a couple. Fate is really something that its very hard to explain. After losing contact for 2yrs when i was in Brisbane, who would ever guess that when i am back in Singapore for good, Mr Pda would spot me at Orchard Road. And to my surprise, he actually bothers to call my house to look for me and a even bigger surprise that he actually likes me and wants to be together with me. Sometimes love just suddenly appears in your life again and happily we lasted for 2yrs and it's going to last forever as we are getting married this June and holding our customary wedding this December.