Wednesday, February 13, 2008

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Monday, February 11, 2008

CNY events

06th Feb 2008, its my first time having reunion dinner with Mr Pda's family, really a eventful NY eve. As Mr Pda suddenly fell sick and we need to get him to see doctor fast if not during the 4 days CNY season, most of the doctors are not working, expect hospitals of coz. This CNY is really funny, as most of the shops have already close by noon, where in the past some shops even open until 5pm before everyone go back for reunion dinner. Everyone is really worried about him as the next day is CNY first day. In the end, Mr Pda got a bit better, than we stay at Mr Pda's brother place for reunion dinner and Mr Pda's father gave us a ride him as he knows that his weak son is sick. Intially we plan to go 2 places for reunion dinner, i was looking forward to my mum's steamboat as only during CNY i feel that the steamboat tastes the best, maybe because all our love ones are back to have dinner.

07th Feb 2008, CNY first day we woke up as early as 7am to go to the Guan Yin Temple in Bugis. After praying, we proceed to his brother's place in Taman Jurong to start our journey of giving ang bao and receiving ang bao hahalolz, everything went smoothly, by 1pm everything is done for Mr Pda's side, thats fast right? hehe.. Next we went to a Aunt's place to meet up with my parents and take lunch there then proceed to my Ah ma's place and spend the rest of the day there. So many events that day, luckily his colleague lend him a little small van for the whole CNY holiday, as he is overseas. If not i think we are going to spend a bomb on taxi haha.

08th Feb 2008, CNY second day we woke up early again to go to a temple in the CBD area with my parents and sisters. We plan to go there and pray and take breakfast together. Luckily Lau Pa Sat is open, we manage to "A" my second sister to pay for the breakfast hahalolz.. so happy. Then we went to my Tai Ah Ma house, my Gu Po house, my third aunt house and his God Ah Ma house. The last stop was my Da gu house and she treat us to go West Mall for some chinese food. hehe so good free meals for the whole day...but damn tiring.

09th Feb 2008, CNY third day finally we are able to sleep until 9am plus then wake up. Mr Pda woke up earlier than me, so he has already got the breakfast done. yummy.. thanks darling.. i love u! Next we just rest and relax at home, do our laundry as its been so many days since i do our laundry. Then waiting for time to pass as my relatives wanna come up and see our new house keke.. so happy that they are coming then it will feel like its CNY in our house. After they reach our house and stay for a while, we proceed to my mum's place for a second session, keke.. mahjong and poker then end the day with the usual zhi cha downstairs.

10th Feb 2008, CNY fourth day also manage to sleep until 8am plus then wake up and go Bangkit for breakfast. keke after breakfast we got to rush home to wait for my sisters and their boyfriends to come over our place. After they reach we played Blackjack, heehee my second sister boyfriend gave us all some pocket money to use (that means he lose money to all the players) shiok shiok sia... after the Blackjack session, both of us and my parents wanna go a temple in CCK so we just move off and then go take lunch at Blk 163 BPP. Next we went back home to wait for Mr Pda's relatives who will be reaching around 2 plus, luckily we got back in time and do some clean up to wait for our guests, hehe. Around 4 plus, Mr Pda's relatives decided to make a move after all the Wii fun. Guess wat Mrs Tootsie reach right after they left, timing just nice... heehee so while waiting for Mr Tootsie to reach we watch some TV programs and chat a bit then slowly Mr Pda fell asleep on the sofa just like a big baby..... A while more Mr Tootsie arrives, once he arrives we start with a bit of Blackjack then follow by Mahjong. Hehe we are all trying to cultivate Mrs Tootsie's interest in Mahjong. hahalolz.. but we all failed. We ended our session with a KFC feast... wah kaoz so fattening!

Thats how Mr and Mrs Pda spend their first CNY together! hehe and i think there will be more years to come!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Disney Chinatown

Went down to Chinatown yesterday, heehee accompany my parents to walk down the crowded streets to experience the CNY mood... luckily its not that crowded yesterday.
Amaze by this year's decoration, its all the disney characters like winnie the pooh and friends and of coz Mickey mouse... (its a pity that i only have my mobile phone therefore the pictures taken below is a bit blur)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Toxic Dumplings - Made in China

Important for all to read this article, please safeguard our consumer interests.

Toxic Dumplings

Oh my ...defending that the Toxic Dumplings is ok during export. read more here.

Charcoal Cookies, Anyone?

After watching Mediacorp Snack Attack 2 i decided to search for this shop named Home's Favourite. Coz i am amaze by its Charcoal Cookies, i wonder how the cookies would taste like. Singapore is really a place full of special food. Can you imagine yourself eating Charcoal??? Anyone interested, here's the link Home's Favourite