Monday, October 15, 2007

NO TIME!... Quick update

As you all can see, the number of times i am blogging is getting lesser and lesser.. the main reason is NO TIME!!! the secondary reason is WE ARE LAZY!!

Let me start with my wedding preparations...

28th September, we went to Bliss for our photoshoot. Early in the morning we reach marina square for a kopi with bread and eggs set. I decided not to eat too full.. if not i might look fat with a full breakfast hahalolz.. crap right.. Anyway after breakfast we reach Bliss in time, the make up artist (Lihua) was already there. Great... no time wasted. She started to transform me... from a plain jane to a lovely princess...and she also transform Mr Pda to be very handsome wor.. hahalolz. During my transformation, my darling was really bored to death coz he forgot to bring his favourite companion (PSP) along. Luckily our crappy photographer (Dexter Tan) reach in time too and entertain us with some conversation. As i am not those slim babes.. so i will need to twist my tummy here and there.. so that i will look slim in certain angles.. i can tell you.. thats a real torture. The day passes quickly.. soon we went out for our outdoor shoot and everything ended at around 8pm. Sigh.. so tired.. its really a day that i will remember!

13th October, back to Bliss again to see our lovely pictures. hehehe.. guess what .. we have 200 plus pictures .... so much.. i will need to scan thru the pictures and make sure that i choose that best of the best hehe as the package that we have only entitled as to have 24 pictures. Hehe after scaning thru... wow we have so many pretty pictures.. but luckily i am really calm enough to control temptation to buy more pictures.. its really crazy to buy another big album by paying additonal 3800 bucks. As i really don't want to waste my money on our wedding photos even though its once in a lifetime.. but having 28 pictures is really enough to keep. hehehe anyway, we really look good and i am looking forward to see the album.
Ok time for my renovation updates...

Basically, all the tiles, pipes, bathroom doors, kitchen doors, false ceiling and plastering works are all done. This coming week, the painters are coming up to paint our house.. yeah!!!!! keke.. today we will be going to our favourite hang out place (Balestier Road) again! To choose the lightings for the house. mmm things are really moving on the right track... good .. keep up the good job... Mr and Mrs Pda... hiak hiak..

Thursday, October 4, 2007

My first time...Alone

Heehee today is the first time i went up to my new house alone. (Mr Pda always say.... u always say u wanna go up the hse but never once u went up alone.) Hey darling today i went up alone liaoz ok! The house is 60% done, all the false ceilings are up in the living room and the workers have already started the plastering work. I estimated that our house will be ready by early november... keke. Some new additions for my house, a 8kg LG front load washing machine and Turbo stove and hob.... wow wow... you know why i choose this Turbo stove... according to the sales person, the whole piece is made from Italy keke..

Ok i shall end here. coz i am getting lazy to go on ...

Sign off.. Mrs Pda