Monday, September 17, 2007

Renovations works started

Hehe as usual our renovation work starting day is a unique date as well.. its Sept 11th (Tuesday). Anyway it has finally started, Mr Pda and me didnt take any leave that day and we didn't even visited our house after work.. steady right. keke. Guess when we visited the house, we went there only on Sept 13th (Thursday) to settle payment (50% of the whole renovation cost) thats the first cheque that Mr Pda open with such a big amount. I think if not because we need to settle payment, i think we will only go to our new house on weekends. (Lazy bums .. hahalolz). Think i should go there more often myself.. to make sure that the workers knows that i care about the house. Anyway the hacking works is already done when we are there on Thursday, then when we went there again on Sunday, the wall tiles are already up for kitchen, and two toliets.. really fast work done. Mr Pda commented ... sigh so fast.. that means the next payment should be quite near :(

Sept 16th, we went to farm mart to try to find water feature shops .. coz we are thinking of installing a water feature in our balcony but its so hard to find one there.
In the end after searching for 2 hours around Lim Chu Kang and Farm mart area, we decide to give up and proceed to take our lunch then go to Gain City at CCK to buy our aircon and fridge. We settle for a Toshiba non inverter aircon and a F&P fridge. Heehee then we ended our day at home playing mahjong with my sister and bf and a yummy zi chai dinner treated

Then today we still got to go Balestier again to buy our WC stuff.. hopefully its not that ex.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Super Busy Week

04th Sept, we went down to Balestier Rd to meet the renovation contractor that we would like to confirm. After negotiating the terms and conditions with him, finally we confirm with him that we would like him to be our renovation contractor, its really a tough one as he is a old bird and we are new in this kind of renovation stuff. Really hope we made the right choice!!!! After confirmation, he ask us when we would like to go and choose the tiles for kitchen and two bathrooms wall and floor tiles. Hehe as usual i don't really like to waste time, so i say " Now lo, since we are already in Balestier, i am really lazy to make too much trips down wor" With that, we proceed to the tile shop, thinking that its really a easy chore to choose the tiles.. but hor.. inside the tile shop for one hr i still can't make up my mind. As for Mr Pda as usual he is anything and i am his everything. Just that he do not want too dark coloured tiles for the kitchen and bathroom tiles. Since i can't make up my mind on what tiles to use and my contractor got to rush to another appointment of his. So we let him off and make another meeting, to meet up on Thursday 06th Sept. During this 2nd meeting with him to choose the tiles, we managed to confirm the colours and type of tiles. At least not a wasted trip... then we proceed for dinner at a kopi tiam opp the tile shop, there is a Western food stall named "The Grill" ... taste good and value for $.

Then finally its friday, Mr Pda is working that day, so i made arrangements to meet up Mrs Tootsie and Ms J for a catch up session @ Taka's Ambush. Ambush is a small stall at Taka that serves some nice and value for money spaghettis. Its a nice chill out for me at least.. after looking at so many tiles.. hahalolz..

On Sat, I went to the ZOO with my whole family and my sister's boyfriends... Its my dad's company's family day. Just imagine a group of eight walking around in the ZOO... hahalolz.. its been really a long time since i went to the ZOO... coz i really don't like to smell the animals' shit smell.. But after reaching the ZOO and walking around .... even though its still drizzling, its actually something new. I think the ZOO was not the same old ZOO that i remember it as.. it was much cleaner and not much of the shit smell and more organize. hehe overall it was a nice day spend in the ZOO with my whole family and my sister's boyfriends, we end the day at a Zi Cha stall somewhere in Keat Hong for salted egg yolk crab... yum yum.

Sigh i thought that sunday i could finally rest at home or even slack at home but sorry no no.. i need to go to Balestier again!!! This time i need to choose the balcony tiles as we decided not to do a parquet plaform at the balcony and change it to a small garden with a water feature. Mr Pda is working again so luckily i had my parents and younger sis to accompany me to the tile shop, with their advises i decided to change my kitchen floor tiles to another type which is not that slippery. After that we proceed to a auntie place and then went to Parkway parade for some shopping. Hehe brought my parents to Coffee Bean to la kopi.. hehe.. they not bad lor.. still know how to appreciate nice coffee.. i thought my dad only like to drink kopi only.. but the latte i ordered for him.. he likes it too.. Then dinner time again.. so i suggested to go Aston, a nice place in Katong for western food.. but hor.. when we reach there.. the queue was too scary.. so we gave up the idea...luckily we found a Zi Cha kind of restaurant that serves nice steam fish head.. wah its my dad's fav lor..... hehe thats how i end my busy week.. sigh i think i will more of such busy weeks ahead of me till my wedding and renovations stuff is over.

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