Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Rowenta Oven~Yippie!

Program for Today

1. Go SA tours to pay up our Balance Payment for our Japan Trip
2. Visit the money changer to change some Yen
3. Go Orchard to get my black Zara dress and Pazzion shoes
4. Visit Orchard Best Denki to get my Rowenta Oven

Its really a tiring day ...!

Here is a picture of my new oven.... i am looking forward to do some grilling and baking with it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jumbo dinner, Victor's dim sum all within 24 hours

04th April 2008
April is my dad's birthday month so as his sweet daugther i organise a dinner session for my whole family at clarke quay, the central. Intially we wanted to go Tung Lok @ The Central but in the end we settle for Jumbo @ Riverside point which was a few steps away from The Central. That day i reach earlier so i just walk around The Central alone as its my first time there since it was open. Sigh.. to my disappointment there was nothing much that interests me there, hehe i still prefer Orchard Road. After shopping , i meet up with my parents and brought them to walk around while waiting for my sisters to reach. Soon we reach Jumbo first and decided to go in first before the queue starts. Of coz my dad is happy but he didn't say anything touching. But i believe he is quite touch that we brought him out for dinner.

Here's some pictures of the food that we had.

05th April 2008
Its has been a long time since we had a foursome gathering. So on the next day morning, we arrange to meet up with the Tootsies' for a sumptuous dim sum breakfast @ Victor's Kitchen on Sunshine Place. Haha we ordered quite a lot of goodies and 5 cups of ice Teh si as i am really very very thirsty that day, all thanks to the HOT weather! And we only paid 48 dollars for such a sumptuous breakfast... find one day we should go there again!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Great Spa treat/ Shopping/ Good Food all in one day!

Shiok! is the word i felt after eventful saturday we had on 29th March.

Its been really quite sometime since we went to True spa for massages, so we arrange to go True spa that day. Early in the morning we move out from our love nest to Taka, Orchard for Dim sum breakfast at Crystal Jade. Then after my all time favourite breakfast we shop around Best Denki to look for our Oven. Hehe got to digest a bit first before we can have our massages at 12.30pm. The whole spa experience was quite ok, better than the previous services i got from True spa. hehe so good at least it doesn't spolit my day.

After spa, we went around shopping for my mobile phone and Oven, but i still cannot decide what phone to buy, so in the end we didn't get anything from M1 Paragon. Next we decide to go Great World City's Best Denki thinking that there might be more choices for my Oven. But to our disappointment.... its carrying the same range as Taka. We ended up shopping and eating in Great World City hahalolz..

Lastly, we went to Gelyang's No signboard restaurant to meet up with my family for dinner, Yippie... crabs time! yummy.. ! Too bad that day don't have crayfish, if not it would be more yummy!

Really a day well spend! thanks to my darling Mr Pda.. muacks i love you darling!