Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weekend Shopping Spree + Mum’s Birthday

I haven’t been shopping much since the GSS started, so me and Mrs Tootsie plan to meet up on Saturday just have a Girls’ day out without our partners. We meet up around 12pm @ Isetan to start our shopping spree, it was fun but I shall not bore you with too much details. Hahalolz. Around near to 5pm we took bus 14 to Mr Tootsie house to meet the guys up for dinner at Dover. Then to end our short foursome gathering, we actually went to Autobacs together… (To accompany our partners, Mrs Tootsie and I sacrifice ourselves… hehe)

On Sunday morning, it’s my mum’s birthday so we went to Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant @ Shaw Towers to eat dim sum since its 30% off the price but in the end we ordered the set lunch menu which cost $188++ for 8pax, its actually quite a nice deal, as it has Beijing duck, Shark fins, 3 types of dim sum, fish, chicken, vegetables, E-fu noodles and dessert. Hehe my mum enjoyed the 3 types of dim sum and she thinking of going back there for dim sum next time coz from Monday to Saturday, its 50% off the price. Quite worth it but I wonder if the other dim sum taste nice.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant

191, Jalan Besar
Singapore 208882
Tel: 62945292
Operating hours: 5pm - 10am

One evening, Mr Pda just came back from overseas in the afternoon and we are thinking where to go for dinner. While deciding where to go for dinner, we browse thru the net for ideas and come across this restaurant. Overall i would give the food there 3 out of 5 stars.

Homemade Rice Dumpling

Here's a picture of one of the rice dumpling that i have help to make.
Keke still looks quite good right for a first timer. Its really hard to make these rice dumpling... Luckily i have my mum to help me when i have difficulty.

Father's Day Celebration

My sisters and i decide that we should have a steamboat session at home to celebrate father's day. Having steamboat at home is always our favourite way of any celebration as there is no place that serves the best steamboat other than homemade steamboat! Just some pictures to do the rest of the talking...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oldies Concert by Mr Tootsie & Mr Pda....OMG!

Recently everyone is busy, therefore its been quite sometime since we meet up with the Tootsies. Finally we met up last friday at Raffles City to go to Yshingthai Palace for some yummy thai food! Overall the food there is worth to try especially for the olive rice. After a pretty full dinner, we went back to Raffles City to shop for a while to digest our food ... hehe.

Next we went to Partyworld @ Shenton Way for some K session. Tootsies and us part to get our cars around the same timing but due to the blurness of Mr Pda, we spend some time to find our car in the carpark and got lost in Shenton Way. So we arrive around 15mins later than the Tootsies keke..!

Usually Mrs Tootsie and Mrs Pda is the one that is holding on to the mic, but that night we did not much chance to hold the mic becoz our darling suddenly feel like singing all the oldies for us to listen... fyi, they (Mr Tootsie and Mr Pda) hold a one hour long oldies concert. But it was quite enjoyable to be able to listen to all those oldies again! We should do it again soon ah keke!