Monday, November 26, 2007

Hehe only update in Nov

For the past one month, BUSY is the only word to describe! hehe a "short" update for our happening.

We went around sourcing for sofa, coffee table, console and bedside tables. Its really tiring... but when we are really going to give up. We went to a newly open Furniture Club outlet in Tradehub 21 jurong. Maybe we are too tired of sourcing for the furniture, we decided to get the sofa there and matching console and coffee table. hehe FINALLY! settled!!! then we thought of going for a good dinner in IMM and go there to confirm our SERTA bed frame color so since we are there in IMM we went to the Furniture Club outlet there too just to browse our recent purchases in their Tradehub 21 outlet. Hehe then we spoted another tv console which looks even better!!! So without hesitation, we took the item code of the tv console and went down to Tradehub 21 outlet to change to this tv console that we saw in IMM outlet. hehe... of coz we manage to get the tv console that we like and we even got a good price for the bedside tables when we go down the second time keke..

So far, all the furniture and electrical appliances are in our house already, we are now waiting anxiously for our new sofa that will reach our house by this saturday.. so happy lor.. finally able to sit on the sofa in my living room.

Oh.. then we also got our pretty and handsome wedding pictures...(soft copy) but there is some pictures i really like .. didn't know we can look so nice hahalolz..
then we are looking forward to get our hardcopy of the wedding album around end of nov.. hopefully they can give us earlier.. i really look forward to it!
Heehee hopefully can get it in time to show all my relatives that will be coming to my house this Sunday for "Lup Cai".

Yesterday i arrange a meet up with all my "Jie Meis" to discuss on how to tekan my beloved darling.. hehe "Darling i admit that i contribute to some ideas hahalolz"

Monday, October 15, 2007

NO TIME!... Quick update

As you all can see, the number of times i am blogging is getting lesser and lesser.. the main reason is NO TIME!!! the secondary reason is WE ARE LAZY!!

Let me start with my wedding preparations...

28th September, we went to Bliss for our photoshoot. Early in the morning we reach marina square for a kopi with bread and eggs set. I decided not to eat too full.. if not i might look fat with a full breakfast hahalolz.. crap right.. Anyway after breakfast we reach Bliss in time, the make up artist (Lihua) was already there. Great... no time wasted. She started to transform me... from a plain jane to a lovely princess...and she also transform Mr Pda to be very handsome wor.. hahalolz. During my transformation, my darling was really bored to death coz he forgot to bring his favourite companion (PSP) along. Luckily our crappy photographer (Dexter Tan) reach in time too and entertain us with some conversation. As i am not those slim babes.. so i will need to twist my tummy here and there.. so that i will look slim in certain angles.. i can tell you.. thats a real torture. The day passes quickly.. soon we went out for our outdoor shoot and everything ended at around 8pm. Sigh.. so tired.. its really a day that i will remember!

13th October, back to Bliss again to see our lovely pictures. hehehe.. guess what .. we have 200 plus pictures .... so much.. i will need to scan thru the pictures and make sure that i choose that best of the best hehe as the package that we have only entitled as to have 24 pictures. Hehe after scaning thru... wow we have so many pretty pictures.. but luckily i am really calm enough to control temptation to buy more pictures.. its really crazy to buy another big album by paying additonal 3800 bucks. As i really don't want to waste my money on our wedding photos even though its once in a lifetime.. but having 28 pictures is really enough to keep. hehehe anyway, we really look good and i am looking forward to see the album.
Ok time for my renovation updates...

Basically, all the tiles, pipes, bathroom doors, kitchen doors, false ceiling and plastering works are all done. This coming week, the painters are coming up to paint our house.. yeah!!!!! keke.. today we will be going to our favourite hang out place (Balestier Road) again! To choose the lightings for the house. mmm things are really moving on the right track... good .. keep up the good job... Mr and Mrs Pda... hiak hiak..

Thursday, October 4, 2007

My first time...Alone

Heehee today is the first time i went up to my new house alone. (Mr Pda always say.... u always say u wanna go up the hse but never once u went up alone.) Hey darling today i went up alone liaoz ok! The house is 60% done, all the false ceilings are up in the living room and the workers have already started the plastering work. I estimated that our house will be ready by early november... keke. Some new additions for my house, a 8kg LG front load washing machine and Turbo stove and hob.... wow wow... you know why i choose this Turbo stove... according to the sales person, the whole piece is made from Italy keke..

Ok i shall end here. coz i am getting lazy to go on ...

Sign off.. Mrs Pda

Monday, September 17, 2007

Renovations works started

Hehe as usual our renovation work starting day is a unique date as well.. its Sept 11th (Tuesday). Anyway it has finally started, Mr Pda and me didnt take any leave that day and we didn't even visited our house after work.. steady right. keke. Guess when we visited the house, we went there only on Sept 13th (Thursday) to settle payment (50% of the whole renovation cost) thats the first cheque that Mr Pda open with such a big amount. I think if not because we need to settle payment, i think we will only go to our new house on weekends. (Lazy bums .. hahalolz). Think i should go there more often myself.. to make sure that the workers knows that i care about the house. Anyway the hacking works is already done when we are there on Thursday, then when we went there again on Sunday, the wall tiles are already up for kitchen, and two toliets.. really fast work done. Mr Pda commented ... sigh so fast.. that means the next payment should be quite near :(

Sept 16th, we went to farm mart to try to find water feature shops .. coz we are thinking of installing a water feature in our balcony but its so hard to find one there.
In the end after searching for 2 hours around Lim Chu Kang and Farm mart area, we decide to give up and proceed to take our lunch then go to Gain City at CCK to buy our aircon and fridge. We settle for a Toshiba non inverter aircon and a F&P fridge. Heehee then we ended our day at home playing mahjong with my sister and bf and a yummy zi chai dinner treated

Then today we still got to go Balestier again to buy our WC stuff.. hopefully its not that ex.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Super Busy Week

04th Sept, we went down to Balestier Rd to meet the renovation contractor that we would like to confirm. After negotiating the terms and conditions with him, finally we confirm with him that we would like him to be our renovation contractor, its really a tough one as he is a old bird and we are new in this kind of renovation stuff. Really hope we made the right choice!!!! After confirmation, he ask us when we would like to go and choose the tiles for kitchen and two bathrooms wall and floor tiles. Hehe as usual i don't really like to waste time, so i say " Now lo, since we are already in Balestier, i am really lazy to make too much trips down wor" With that, we proceed to the tile shop, thinking that its really a easy chore to choose the tiles.. but hor.. inside the tile shop for one hr i still can't make up my mind. As for Mr Pda as usual he is anything and i am his everything. Just that he do not want too dark coloured tiles for the kitchen and bathroom tiles. Since i can't make up my mind on what tiles to use and my contractor got to rush to another appointment of his. So we let him off and make another meeting, to meet up on Thursday 06th Sept. During this 2nd meeting with him to choose the tiles, we managed to confirm the colours and type of tiles. At least not a wasted trip... then we proceed for dinner at a kopi tiam opp the tile shop, there is a Western food stall named "The Grill" ... taste good and value for $.

Then finally its friday, Mr Pda is working that day, so i made arrangements to meet up Mrs Tootsie and Ms J for a catch up session @ Taka's Ambush. Ambush is a small stall at Taka that serves some nice and value for money spaghettis. Its a nice chill out for me at least.. after looking at so many tiles.. hahalolz..

On Sat, I went to the ZOO with my whole family and my sister's boyfriends... Its my dad's company's family day. Just imagine a group of eight walking around in the ZOO... hahalolz.. its been really a long time since i went to the ZOO... coz i really don't like to smell the animals' shit smell.. But after reaching the ZOO and walking around .... even though its still drizzling, its actually something new. I think the ZOO was not the same old ZOO that i remember it as.. it was much cleaner and not much of the shit smell and more organize. hehe overall it was a nice day spend in the ZOO with my whole family and my sister's boyfriends, we end the day at a Zi Cha stall somewhere in Keat Hong for salted egg yolk crab... yum yum.

Sigh i thought that sunday i could finally rest at home or even slack at home but sorry no no.. i need to go to Balestier again!!! This time i need to choose the balcony tiles as we decided not to do a parquet plaform at the balcony and change it to a small garden with a water feature. Mr Pda is working again so luckily i had my parents and younger sis to accompany me to the tile shop, with their advises i decided to change my kitchen floor tiles to another type which is not that slippery. After that we proceed to a auntie place and then went to Parkway parade for some shopping. Hehe brought my parents to Coffee Bean to la kopi.. hehe.. they not bad lor.. still know how to appreciate nice coffee.. i thought my dad only like to drink kopi only.. but the latte i ordered for him.. he likes it too.. Then dinner time again.. so i suggested to go Aston, a nice place in Katong for western food.. but hor.. when we reach there.. the queue was too scary.. so we gave up the idea...luckily we found a Zi Cha kind of restaurant that serves nice steam fish head.. wah its my dad's fav lor..... hehe thats how i end my busy week.. sigh i think i will more of such busy weeks ahead of me till my wedding and renovations stuff is over.

My renovation contractor's website:

Monday, July 30, 2007

System Migration

Today is really a slack day at work, due to the system migration most applications doesn't work well. The most important application is my EMAIL INBOX... yippie its not working right too!!! So i manage to slack for the whole morning. Then went to the Golden Mile hawker which is quite a distance from my office to buy the pipping hot muffins to prepare for tea break coz definately i will be able to slack till go home time. hahalolz..

Really to what i expected the day will turn out to be.. it was a slack day till around 4.50pm.. then suddenly all the emails just keep popping in. Sigh i got to stay back a bit to clear up the emails.. if not tomorrow would be a hectic day for me again.

Anyway its just another boring day at work...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Busy Mr and Mrs Pda

Sigh as you can see from the number of entries this month, you are able to guess how busy me and Mr Pda is. Its really a hectic month for me .. for all the additional work coz by SG hub shifting to China. Sometimes i really think that Miss C has left at the right time as the stupid change in hub really gives tons and tons of unfinished work to this new job of mine. enuff of work stuff.... hopefully all things ends well next month.
Some updates on my preparation of wedding and house matters. For wedding part, i have not done much stuff.. just that all the gowns has been choosen. Really hope that i will be able to look nice in them even if i still remains bui bui hahalolz.. As for the house part, finally we got our keys from the ex owners on 20/07/2007. Now we are in the midst of finding a good contractor to do the renovation stuff.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Recent Updates by Mrs Pda

Seriously its been a long time since i touch this blog of mine. Its a busy month for both Mr and Mrs Pda. Like today Mr Pda still need to work in the morning.. its a Sunday and Mr Pda still need to work. Sigh, think working in Singapore is really getting more and more no life. As for me i will be taking over Ms C's job as my only lunch kaki left in this new company had resigned and left on last friday. Tommorrow i will be officially starting the new job scope, hopefully i will not create any hiccups...
Hehe this month i got a few blur acts ... below are just 2 blur acts that i remember clearly hahalolz.
First blur act - @ HDB appointment 2
We are both anticipating this day to come, after sighing all the documents yippie the house will be officially ours. But blur me, thought that there is nothing to bring to this appointment so i happily bring only myself and Mr Pda to HDB hub @ Toa Payoh. Then inside the officer, Mr Teo's room with the sellers and agents and us. The first thing the officer ask for is our ROM certificate. Oh no .... we forgot all about it. Then my agent quickly reply, can he bring the ROM cert over tommorrow and show it to him. But that Mr Teo insist that if we don't show him that day, its not possible to carry on with the transaction. Then i quickly ask Mr Teo, is it possible to show him a copy of the ROM cert and proceed with the transaction that day while my agent will show him the original the next day. Luckily he agreed. Sigh he is really a hard nut to crack. Then i quickly call my house to look for my sister to scan and email to Mr Teo. Guess what... both my sisters are not at home. Wah Kaoz.. not our day la. Then i remember that i submit to my HR a scan copy of my ROM cert. so i called my office to ask them to email and fax over the cert. That saves our day. Sigh why am i so blur....!
Second blur act of the month:-
While talking to Ms C at my office desk area, she ask me to check whether i can access her email. Then i tried to access while talking to Ms C, hehe then we kept on talking and talking and i thought its my own email acc and even click on one email to check mail and after reading i don't understand it... then i check with Ms C.....I asked " oh no... what is this email about... what i need to action on it" Ms C replied " huh this email was since 12th June, i think its being action already" I replied " hahalolz.. blur me.. ooppps." Then Ms C left the office while i continue working even though i felt sianz that it was Ms C's last day. I continue checking the emails... then suddenly i realise .. all along i was reading Ms C's mailbox..... Kaoz.. i am really getting more and more blur these days.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

BIG Thank You!!!

BIG Thank You!!! to our family and friends for attending our ROM and your lovely gifts.

Friday, June 1, 2007

4 days to ROM!!!

Counting down to our ROM on 05/06/07! We went to the ROM office to do our statutory declaration on 30/05/07 early in the morning at 9.30am and guess what really a lot of people getting married on 05/06/07, the whole ROM office is so pack, anyway after waiting for nearly 1 hour, its our turn to do our statutory declaration. Since its still early before our appointment with the bridal studio at 1pm, we went to bugis to pray and eat breakfast. After arriving at the bridal studio, our wedding coordinator Angel brief us about what we will be doing that day. Luckily, Angel say that we need to choose my wedding gown, night gown and Mr Pda's suit. After briefing, i proceed to the fitting room while waiting for Angel to bring me the gowns that she thinks is suitable for my size (haha). Sigh after trying lots of wedding gowns, finally i manage to short list some wedding gowns that i look nice in it. Finally we decided to choose a full lace wedding gown for myself! Its really a elegant piece... i love it! Next we proceed to choose my night gown, guess what... i tried on over 10 pieces of night gown then finally manage to short list only 2 pieces, one is a fanciful piece and the other is a really simple and elegant piece. Sigh, i decided to choose the simple and elegant piece even though i would prefer a more elaborate piece. Haha lastly is Mr Pda's turn to choose his suit, i thought he would have quite a few choices, but sadly he only have 2 colours to choose from, either black or cream white. Sigh... as Mr Pda is so dark like going to be like bangla's skin colour. Overall conclusion, its really a chore to choose the wedding gowns and night gowns.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gathering with my ex lunch kakis

Guess where we went for our heart warming gathering??? Heeeheee... Greenhouse @ Ritz Carlton for their international dinner buffet. Too bad Mrs Tootsie is still in Basel if not surely she will enjoy as much as i do. Since a long time all of us sit down on the same table for a meal. We reach there at 6.30pm sharp then we keep chatting and eating just like the good old days in Ciba... guess what time we leave?.... 10.30pm +++ then we all left..
Here are some nice pics of the food for Mrs Tootsie to drool her saliva.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

18 days more.... Counting down......

Keke... dunno y I getting very excited that 5th of June is coming soon. To be exact, 18 days or 432 hrs or 25920mins or 1555200secs to our big day... But Mrs PDA like no feeling, no excited at all. She say she only closer then will feel it... Keke... maybe I too kiasu liao, so early feeling excited dunno 4wat. Silly me...=)

Posted by Mr PDA

Mrs Pda: Darling you say until i so unfeeling... i am only not as kiasu as you only. I believe i will get excited when the date is nearer. Sadly my ankle is still not ok, hopefully i will be able to wear the sliver heels on my ROM.

35 days to our New Home

16th of May is our 1st appointment at HDB. Keke... a bit anxious and I should say we sign paper sign till blur... So many documents to go through and sign. We going to loan 211k for a period of 30yrs... Guess we will be LKK by then=p. 35 days more to the date that we collect the key to our new house. So happy... keke... Mus start looking for contractor and furniture liao.

After that, we went Fortune Resturant for Dim Sum with my future in-laws. Food was not bad but a bit x compare to Redstar.

Actually want go jalan jalan but Mrs PDA got a "BAD" leg so went back home to play Mahjong. Too bad Mr Tootsie not in S'pore to join us. Keke...

Posted by Mr PDA.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mrs Pda is injured

On 15th May morning on my way to work, i fell down on my buttocks and sprain my ankle. Wah kaoz this is the first time i sprain my ankle. I went to a chinese sin seh then i end up with these....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mr Pda's birthday @ Olive Tree

09th May 2007

On Mr Pda's birthday, i decided to bring him to Olive Tree @ Hotel Intercontinental.

Heres the pictures of the food.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Wedding Shoes

04th May 2007

Finally bought this pair of sliver heels from CK Tangs for my Wedding.

Friday, May 4, 2007

A date with my Mr PDA

Its another Friday, looking forward to this weekend too… Yippie my darling finally is not working on sat or sun. So he can accompany for the whole weekend. Today he is not working too.. So we are going dating hahalolz………. Dinner will be light for me and heavy for him so that eventually our sizes will balance hahalolz… I am going orchard to search for a pair of shoes for my wedding day. The bridal studio's designer recommend me to buy a sliver color pair of shoes for the actual wedding gown and night gown… Hopefully I can get one comfortable and pretty shoe today. Then maybe we will end our night with a Spiderman 3 movie!!! Its been ages since we catch a movie together coz there is no good movies around!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Healthy Breakfast for Mrs PDA

It’s a rainy morning today again. So I decided to take the mrt instead of bus to avoid any possible traffic jams on BKE and PIE. Hehe bump into Miss C at Bugis Mrt, luckily when we are walking towards our office building the rain was not heavy anymore if not we will definitely be drenched again. Feeling healthy this morning so I decided to buy a orange and carrot juice with a banana for breakfast from the office building's canteen. After finish drinking the orange and carrot juice .. Ooh no my stomach still feel empty, luckily I have a banana with me.. Guess what I feel full after a banana. No wonder people says banana is a healthy snack for people who is dieting. Trying hard to slim down hopefully I can make it in time for my ROM.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mrs Pda's Bonus

Finally the variable bonus for a period of July 06 to Dec 06 has arrived… thought at least will have 0.5 mth but .. Sigh.. Its only peanuts.. Only 0.2 mth only!!!! Wahh… this really causes me to think whether is it really time to search for another job. Sigh… after second thoughts I think I better "ren" coz I still need to hold my wedding this dec and renovate the house all that by this dec. Its really siong on Mr PDA's pocket alone. So I need to help him in a way even though I can't help much but I think at least I will not become his burden is already good enough. Hang on Mrs Pda!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

ROM Gown Fitting

Today finally is the day to go and try on the rom gowns that is available in the bridal studio, sadly none fit me ... think i am really too fat.. time to really diet. hehe after trying lots of gowns.. then the designer came by and ask me, anything u like? then i say no. Very nice of him, he ask his boss to MTM a gown for me. Yippie!!! and we ended our day with dinner @ Sakae with my family members.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

First day of My Strict Diet

Finally today I started my strict diet to prepare for ROM and wedding…since morning I have been drinking lots of water to cleanse my body. For lunch I meet up with Mr Tootsie and Mr O and I thought I would be eating at some food court so that I can eat something not fattening.. Haha.. In the end the food court is too crowded so we decide to go for MAC … oh my .. MAC … and I ordered one fillet O fish meal..but I took only half of the fries and my drink I ordered one hot tea without adding the sugar…. Hopefully it helps to reduce my carbo intake hahalolz.. For dinner I think I will not take anything.. Hopefully this strict diet of mine would really make me slim down in time for my wedding.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

$$$ Saving

After so many days staying in, finally can see Mrs PDA. Met her at Orchard for shopping and went to a kopi tiam at Lucky Plaza level 4 for lunch. Keke... Save $$$ loh. Food is pretty good there. The roast duck was nice and the hor fun was smooth and soft. Who say good food comes xpensive.... After that went Taka shopping. Went to the Men's bazzar at the atrium to buy socks. Mrs PDA created another joke... MR Pda took a pack of socks up and Mrs PDA says, " That's looks like underwear." Mr PDA turn around and started to laugh..., that size, MR PDA cant even fit himself in when he is 1 yr old.... Hee... The day ended with us meeting Mr Tootsie for dinner and a mahjong session at Mrs PDA's house. Kaoz... Mr Tootsie "eat" or money again.... We must take our revenge when Mrs Tootsie is back in SG. Keke...... Mr Tootsie, thanks for the ride home yesterday else taxi fare will be "xiong"=).

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mrs PDA Not feeling well

Aiyo aiyo... My Mrs PDA dunno wat happen vomitted during lesson today... Mr PDA worried for her. Mrs Tootsie sick, Mrs PDA oso sick. Hope both will be well and good asap. "Gong Gong Boh Bi"

Mrs Pda writes: Thanks darling, i am feeling much better after days of detox by eating only bread.

Monday, April 9, 2007

First day @ DG course

Its really a shitty morning ... my mobile clock don't know why suddenly was faster by one hour. So early in the morning my alarm went off and i thought it the time was 7.20am so i get off the bed and zoom into the bathroom to get ready and zoom finish my preparation within 1/2 hr and even manage to call a cab and its reaching in 5-8mins time! Suddenly i wonder, why is my younger sister still on the bed, its 7.45am already she is going to be late so i went and wake her up, and kanna scolding from her, "oei its only 6 plus not even 7am yet!" OMG! i quickly went and check my 2nd sister's mobile hers is also 6plus not even 7am! i quickly zoom out to cancel my cab booking! Nvm i thought shitty morning was over .... not over yet.. i hop on to another cab at around 7.36am, then i reach Changi at around 8.33am it took me nearly 1hour to reach changi by cab during peak hours ... guess how much is the cab fare??? its near to 32 bucks! Luckily its not my $ if not i sure broke for this month!

When i reach the Changi Airfreight Centre, its so troublesome to get into the place, i still need to change for a visitor pass to get into the bloody place, then i thought by using my NRIC i should be able to get the pass, but NO! i still need to have a letter from the SAAA to show to the customs before i can get the pass. So i waitted for nearly 20 mins to get SAAA to fax it over to the customs and then i can exchange for the pass. It was really a terrible morning till now.

Finally, i reach my destination, its really paisei as i was late for the class. but its ok, coz the trainer looks quite friendly. The lesson was boring enough but its ok better than working hahalolz.

Class ends early and i went to Changi Village to meet Mr Pda for dinner and head home after that as Mr Pda needs to go back camp to stay in as he needs to wake up at 4.30am tommorrow for some training.

thats all folks.. may tommorrow be a better day for me!

Mr PDA Writes: Mr & Mrs PDA had a great time at Changi Village. Famous Nasi Lemak, Fried Chay Quay, Satay and "Hong Chai Long Yan"! Great food at cheap price!!!! Best for couple saving up for marriage and renovation=)

2nd Year Anniversary

Finally its our 2nd yr anni together with Mr Pda, hehe.. yesterday, Mr Pda brought me to a Italian restaurant at Chip Bee Gardens somewhere near Holland V to celebrate. Its actually quite sweet of him as he still bothers to buy a stalk of rose for our anni as we are saving up for our wedding and hse renovation. Really touched! thanks darling! Can't imagine how fast times really files... we known each other for 8yrs as friends and 2yrs as a couple. Fate is really something that its very hard to explain. After losing contact for 2yrs when i was in Brisbane, who would ever guess that when i am back in Singapore for good, Mr Pda would spot me at Orchard Road. And to my surprise, he actually bothers to call my house to look for me and a even bigger surprise that he actually likes me and wants to be together with me. Sometimes love just suddenly appears in your life again and happily we lasted for 2yrs and it's going to last forever as we are getting married this June and holding our customary wedding this December.