Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Friday Gathering @ my house!

We invited Tootsie family and Mr and Mrs Teo to our house for mahjong and i whipped out Bak Ku Teh, Egg with taiwan sausages, honey roasted chicken wings from my new oven and broccoli with mushrooms. hehe very long never win money from mahjong , thanks to Mrs Tootsie for losing 20 bucks to me.

Post dated updates

Basically we have been neglecting this blog as we are really busy for the past one and half months. There is 3 big events that have past long ago, first is valentine's day, follow by Mrs Pda's birthday and last is our house warming.

Its the first Vday and Bday celebration for Mrs Pda in my new house, as Mrs Pda wanted something simple so Mr Pda (who has never cooked a decent meal before) decided to cook pork chops for Mrs Pda's celebration. Mrs Pda: 70 marks for someone who have never cook before!

Some pictures updates on our housewarming session on 02nd March 2008.

Some gifts that we received from our closed friends and colleagues.
*Mostly we receive Ang baos from them, the pictures is some nice gifts.