Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our Honeymoon

Destination : Japan
Travel dates: 22nd - 29th April 2008
Tour Package: SA Tours - Central Japan

22nd April 2008, 2310hrs @Changi Airport Terminal3 via SQ618

Yeah!!! Finally get to enjoy my long awaited honeymoon. Reached T3 @ around 2230hrs and the tour leader was already there. Notice a few aunties and unclesinside the group and found it a bit strange. Keke... nevertheless, collected our tickets and check-in to do some window shopping.

23rd April 2008, 0835hrs(Jap) @ Kansai Airport, Osaka
(Stayed @ Plaza Osaka)

Yawn.... PDA Couple did not really rest well during the flight. Moreover, was greeted by the long queue to cleared the immigration. Waited for almost closed to 30mins before clearance and met up with our tour leader. He looked like 40+ and is a Singaporean. Mrs PDA tells Mr PDA that he doesn't looks good... OMG... Next we proceed with the group to Universal Studios to drop off a family of four.

Then the rest of the group continue to Harbourland to have our buffet lunch that serves the best instant mee that we eaten before... the soup base is so yummy that we had a few helpings!!!

After lunch we went to Kobe Chinatown (Nankin-machi), while walking around the Chinatown its really a funny street as most of the shops there is selling "BAO" hahalolz... is that the only food that we chinese are famous for in Japan?

Continuing our journey to Nada Sake Breweries Museum, to understand how sake is being made and given a small cup of cold sake to try. Very nice sake that does not choke.

Next we proceed to visit the Osaka Castle. Very nice and grand building. As for scenery nothing much lah.

We then end our day at Shinsaibashi to have our dinner, Japanese style steamboat.

24rd April 2008, 0805hrs(Jap) @ Osaka-Nara-Kyoto-Nagoya
(Stayed @ The Westin, Nagoya)

Begin our day with a visit to Nara Deer Park and Todaiji Temple (one of the largest bronze Buddha structure.

Mrs Pda: darling darling, why the temple does not allow tripods to be used? Mr Pda: Not sure also darling. They fear that the deer knock them down????? keke... Haha...

Mrs Pda spotted the Takoyaki balls so we bought a tray to try it out.... mmm really much more yummy.

Next we rush to Kyoto to visit Nishjin Textile center when there is a free Kimono fashion show which is nothing fantastic. Mr PDA said the ladies very chio and got his ear pulled. But ya lah, they really chio loh.

Next we proceed to have our lunch near to Pure Water Temple (Kyomizu Temple). While walking to Kyomizu Temple, Mrs PDA manage to spot this cute little car, hehe...=p

At the Kyomizu Temple, we manage to see some sakura but its really going to wither kind.

Next we proceed to Shinkansen (Bullet Train) to try out, but we are only taking one stop only (Gifu-Hashima -> Nagoya).

Reaching Nagoya, Mrs PDA is so excited with the 13 levels of Takashimaya! But too bad, we only have 2 hours to shop and settle our dinner.

We settle our dinner at a Ramen shop, the menu is in Japanese only, luckily the waitress is able to communicate a bit with us in English. Hehe… we managed to order 2 bowls of yummy Ramen and a plate of Gyoza. YUMMY!!!

25rd April 2008, 0805hrs(Jap),Nagoya-Mt Fuji-Lake Hawaguchi
(Stayed @ Ashiwada Hotel)

Today we will need to be on the road for 4 hours to Mt Fuji so there is a stopover at Hamanako. Would like to comment on this stopover, the toilet is really cleaner than most singapore shopping malls. How can it be right? but its really the truth!

Next we stop at Peace Park, to take some pictures of the sakura.

Lunch again, after that we bought some strawberries... from the picture you can already taste the freshness!!!

Next we proceed to Oshinohakai Village. Finally we manage to see the full bloom sakura... its far too beautiful than the ones we saw before. So lucky to be able to see them!

After that we proceed to Mt Fuji - 4th level, we only manage to see a bit of the beauty of Mt Fuji.

In the evening we proceed to the hotel beside Lake Hawaguchi to enjoy our steamboat dinner.

After dinner, followed by an Onsen bath, the best that can happened to Mr PDA & Mrs PDA. The onsen experience was still ok, luckily the aunties never comment much the next day if not really very paisei.

26rd April 2008, 0805hrs(Jap) @ Lake Hawaguchi-Shin Yokohama-Tokyo
(Stayed @ Sunroute Shinagawa Seaside)

Keke... Slept well after a Onsen last night. Washed up and went for breakfast. It was one of the better breakfast compared to the previous days. Not as per what the tour leader described to us as not edible and got us to buy some stuffs from the supermarket.

After breakfast, we made our way to ShinYokohama to visit the popular Ramen Museum. Inside this museum, we are presented to the early 1950s Japan street and also the different Ramen available in Japan.

After walking around, we settled and had our lunch @ Komurasaki Ramen Shop. Orders and payment was made via the automated machine outside the shop and we went in eagerly awaiting our Ramen. The Ramen was topped with char shu, cloud ear mushrooms and sungan. The aroma of garlic chips support the harmony of the dish and made our mouth watered.

After a fulfilling lunch, we proceeded to our next stop to visit the famous Asakusa Kannon Temple.

Asakusa Kannon Temple has a history of about 1300 years. It is a Guan Yin temple with 2 very big red lantern outside. Pretty irony, the statute of the Guan Yin was locked inside a cabinet and apparently the key was lost and the later generation never get to see it again. Haha... So crappy... On the both sides of the streets of this temple is the Nakamise Shopping street with stores selling local food and souvenirs. Mr and Mrs PDA had a great time there.

Our next stop is Ameyoko flea Market in Ueno. Before proceeding to walk the streets, Mr & Mrs PDA went to Ueno Station where Ueno Hard Rock Cafe was. Mrs PDA being a avid shot glass collector, will not missed the chance of getting one in Ueno HRC.

We then walked the street of Ameyoko Flea Market which is full of fresh sea food, dried food, local fares etc. Bought some dried scallop and green tea choc before eating a SUPER BIG TAKOYAKI Balls.

Mrs PDA saw a bag from Samantha Thavasa. Mr PDA being a goody doting husband allowed Mrs PDA to buy a bag. However when Mrs PDA found out the price which cost us SGD580, she immediately head out of the shop. Haha... So exp for a so-so bag.

As we proceeded back we passed by GAP, and went in shop shop. Finally Mrs PDA got a white bag which was nice and valued for $$$. So happy=)

Our finally stop of the day is the town that never sleeps, Shinjuku. This place is full of department stores, amusement center and also their Red Light District. Too bad, Mr PDA got no chance to visit it. Keke.... Just joking.

Down there there was a 8-level departmental store that sells only guys stuff. Too bad you can see the grinning smile on Mr PDA face. We got 3 Burberry Blue Label for Mrs PDA collegues and a Black Label for Mr PDA as his birthday gift in May. Mr PDA wanted to get another wallet that is on the right side but to save some $$$, did not do so. Mr PDA now a bit regret so any kind soul out there who are going Japan, can buy for him. Keke... Thank you to all 1st.=)

After all the shopping Mr & Mrs PDA had no more time for dinner. Tabao Don Katsu to settle our dinner on the way back to the Hotel Sunroute Shinagawa Seaside which had its lobby on the 16th level of the building. Very nice view indeed.

27th April 2008, 0800hrs
(Stayed @ Narita Garden Hotel)

Breakfast is the usual fare. However, Mr & Mrs PDA in very high mood cos going Tokyo Disney today. Yeah!!!! Going to meet all those characters that accompany Mr & Mrs PDA through their childhood finally. Journey to Disney was a short half and hour ride. Got the tickets from the tour guide and off Mr & Mrs PDA dashed in. Not going to talk a lot here as the pictures are going to say most of the stuffs. Something for all to take note is that the queues for the rides are pretty long with at least min. 30mins and up to 90mins of waiting time.


The Pooh's Ride that Mr & Mrs PDA waited for 90mins and Pooh's Souvenirs shop.


Its a Small Small World Ride

The lovely biscuits for sell. Yummy!!!!!

Disney Musical Display with all the cute disney characters

Nice music, cute character, what more can u ask for??? Nice show....
Mr & Mrs PDA took lunch and bought the Minnie’s lunch box so cute and funky. Mrs PDA said ”Darling, we can put our eggs inside hor.” Mr PDA was a bit stun but still enjoy the food. Haha....=p

Mr & Mrs PDA visted Minnie @ her nice, cute house.

@ 3:25pm, the special 25th anniversary parade commenced. It was a great show and lucky Mr PDA got a new powerful camera, else will not be able to take down any pictures as we were sited so far away.

After the parade, we Mr & Mrs PDA carry on jalan jalan. The 3-D show was good. Effects and the sound was crisp and clear. The part where the mouse ran around, u can practically feels it running through ur legs. Haha!!! So much better than Science Centre.

Mr & Mrs PDA jalan around and stumbled upon another parade @ 5:25pm where Mrs PDA saw her favourite character, Mickey & Minne. Keke… they are just like Mr & Mrs PDA, so loving. Haha……!

Mr & Mrs PDA got hungry and stop by to get some food. Mrs PDA got herself a Mickey ice-cream and Mr PDA a smoked turkey leg. Both r so yummy!!!!!!!!!!

We spent our remaining time waiting for a ride to see Peter Pan in action before proceed to buy some souvenirs and headed back to the bus for dinner @ Long Yuan Resturant.

28th April 2008, 0800hrs @ Narita, Tokoyo

Its Mr & Mrs PDA last day in Japan. Breakfast as usual @ 0800hrs. After that, Mr & Mrs PDA went up hotel room to do some finally packing b4 proceeding to NARITA AEON for more shopping. There is another Hard Rock Cafe in NARITA AEON. Mrs PDA will not miss it, went in and got herself a pink T-shirt and another shot-glass.

After that, more shopping before proceeding for lunch @ a Sushi Restaurant. Food was nice and fresh.

Other than a plate that Mrs PDA ordered which was too "FRESH" for Mr & Mrs PDA liking. It was raw sotong head. Mrs PDA tricked Mr PDA that the dish was yummy and Mr PDA had a hard time swallowing it. OMG!!! U remember this....

After that was journey back to the hotel before proceeding to NARITA AIRPORT for flight back home to Singapore. @ the airport, Mr & Mrs PDA bought a Mac Pork from MacDonald before boarding the plan. It was nice just a bit salty though.

Mr & Mrs PDA are going to miss Japan and will for sure visit it again. Most probably, it is going to be a free & easy trip next time. Till then, Sayonara to the Land of the Rising Sun.
____________________THE END____________________


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