Tuesday, April 7, 2009

60s Live Seafood

Heehee managed to “A” my dad for a good meal, so I suggested to go 60s Live Seafood which Mr Pda recommends. This place is somewhere near Eng Neo actually quite near to our place, around 15mins drive. I was told that it’s alfresco dining environment but the crabs and fried rice was superb! So we ordered 2 crabs (black pepper style and baked style), some prawns in their famous patong sauce, beancurd with oats, claypot eggplant, fried rice and seafood hor fun. We waited patiently but with some high expectations on the food, suddenly my youngest sister screams: “Got cat… it’s so near me!!!” Then all of us looked over, there is a cute little meow meow there waiting patiently for her prey. As per my dad, cat will wait patiently at one place means they are waiting for their prey. So cute that’s the first time I saw something like that. But my poor sister got paranoid for the whole night. Haha. Coming back to the food, first the patong prawns came, wow the sauce it’s really good. Next is Claypot Eggplant.. Followed by Beancurd with oats… these 2 dishes are nice too but the WOW factor is normal. Next is the fried rice and seafood hor fun... This one the WOW factor is there lo.. So yummy!!!!! Next next we waited patiently for the CRABS!!!!!! The crabs are definitely worth the trip into the remote location of this restaurant. The aftertaste of the freshness of the crabs just lingers in my mouth. I am missing the crabs now sob sob. I am waiting for my next trip to this place! Which will definitely be sometime soon?