Friday, June 1, 2007

4 days to ROM!!!

Counting down to our ROM on 05/06/07! We went to the ROM office to do our statutory declaration on 30/05/07 early in the morning at 9.30am and guess what really a lot of people getting married on 05/06/07, the whole ROM office is so pack, anyway after waiting for nearly 1 hour, its our turn to do our statutory declaration. Since its still early before our appointment with the bridal studio at 1pm, we went to bugis to pray and eat breakfast. After arriving at the bridal studio, our wedding coordinator Angel brief us about what we will be doing that day. Luckily, Angel say that we need to choose my wedding gown, night gown and Mr Pda's suit. After briefing, i proceed to the fitting room while waiting for Angel to bring me the gowns that she thinks is suitable for my size (haha). Sigh after trying lots of wedding gowns, finally i manage to short list some wedding gowns that i look nice in it. Finally we decided to choose a full lace wedding gown for myself! Its really a elegant piece... i love it! Next we proceed to choose my night gown, guess what... i tried on over 10 pieces of night gown then finally manage to short list only 2 pieces, one is a fanciful piece and the other is a really simple and elegant piece. Sigh, i decided to choose the simple and elegant piece even though i would prefer a more elaborate piece. Haha lastly is Mr Pda's turn to choose his suit, i thought he would have quite a few choices, but sadly he only have 2 colours to choose from, either black or cream white. Sigh... as Mr Pda is so dark like going to be like bangla's skin colour. Overall conclusion, its really a chore to choose the wedding gowns and night gowns.


tootsie said...

Sounds fun and I cant wait to see ur lovely gowns!