Wednesday, June 6, 2007

BIG Thank You!!!

BIG Thank You!!! to our family and friends for attending our ROM and your lovely gifts.


Yong Kiang said...

congrats to my darling and my darling's darling.. hehe.. sorry we were a bit late.. but we still manage to catch most of what is happening. darling u look really good in that shirt with the cuff links and karen i like yr twisted hair.. looks very princessy.. sorry i din know we must give gifts on solemnisation.. i'll get u guys a bigger ang bao on yr customary.. hehe.. wish u guys all the best!! and zhao sheng gui zi!!

tootsie said...

Oh my...Sim Gua u really look like a princess esp in ur bom bom skirt...very pretty. Sim Gua's darling u look good and smart too :)
So happy for our Mr and Mrs Chua, u have finally tied the knot.
And so sweet lor, friendster main pic the same, even the shout out also the same...i like the main photo esp ..the one at the staircase...esp Sim Gua's smile...can feel her happiness inside.

okeyduke..I'll be back soon and lets all have a good gathering tog.

Warmest congrats to our PDA couple.

ppsst... dont PDA le hor, already lao fu lao qi le hahaha

PDA said...

Aiyo... my darling got so many excuses... Late still got no gift and act blur =p... keke... Joking lah. So happy that u came(without the "dummy" Mich doll! Heng!!!)

Mrs Tootsie, when is ur turn?? keke... Who say Lao Fu Lao Qi cannot pda? Moreover we only 4 days old married =p Faster la darling yk.. propose to Mrs Tootsie la. She is waiting.....

Love from Mr and Mrs Chua (aka PDA)

tootsie said...
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tootsie said...

Hee waiting....hey sim gua, u say until machiam i cant wait to get married lor. The time is not ripe yet.