Sunday, July 1, 2007

Recent Updates by Mrs Pda

Seriously its been a long time since i touch this blog of mine. Its a busy month for both Mr and Mrs Pda. Like today Mr Pda still need to work in the morning.. its a Sunday and Mr Pda still need to work. Sigh, think working in Singapore is really getting more and more no life. As for me i will be taking over Ms C's job as my only lunch kaki left in this new company had resigned and left on last friday. Tommorrow i will be officially starting the new job scope, hopefully i will not create any hiccups...
Hehe this month i got a few blur acts ... below are just 2 blur acts that i remember clearly hahalolz.
First blur act - @ HDB appointment 2
We are both anticipating this day to come, after sighing all the documents yippie the house will be officially ours. But blur me, thought that there is nothing to bring to this appointment so i happily bring only myself and Mr Pda to HDB hub @ Toa Payoh. Then inside the officer, Mr Teo's room with the sellers and agents and us. The first thing the officer ask for is our ROM certificate. Oh no .... we forgot all about it. Then my agent quickly reply, can he bring the ROM cert over tommorrow and show it to him. But that Mr Teo insist that if we don't show him that day, its not possible to carry on with the transaction. Then i quickly ask Mr Teo, is it possible to show him a copy of the ROM cert and proceed with the transaction that day while my agent will show him the original the next day. Luckily he agreed. Sigh he is really a hard nut to crack. Then i quickly call my house to look for my sister to scan and email to Mr Teo. Guess what... both my sisters are not at home. Wah Kaoz.. not our day la. Then i remember that i submit to my HR a scan copy of my ROM cert. so i called my office to ask them to email and fax over the cert. That saves our day. Sigh why am i so blur....!
Second blur act of the month:-
While talking to Ms C at my office desk area, she ask me to check whether i can access her email. Then i tried to access while talking to Ms C, hehe then we kept on talking and talking and i thought its my own email acc and even click on one email to check mail and after reading i don't understand it... then i check with Ms C.....I asked " oh no... what is this email about... what i need to action on it" Ms C replied " huh this email was since 12th June, i think its being action already" I replied " hahalolz.. blur me.. ooppps." Then Ms C left the office while i continue working even though i felt sianz that it was Ms C's last day. I continue checking the emails... then suddenly i realise .. all along i was reading Ms C's mailbox..... Kaoz.. i am really getting more and more blur these days.


tootsie said...

woooo Mrs PDA have u caught my Sotong Virus....u must be thinking of me too much that the virus has get into u hehehe