Monday, November 26, 2007

Hehe only update in Nov

For the past one month, BUSY is the only word to describe! hehe a "short" update for our happening.

We went around sourcing for sofa, coffee table, console and bedside tables. Its really tiring... but when we are really going to give up. We went to a newly open Furniture Club outlet in Tradehub 21 jurong. Maybe we are too tired of sourcing for the furniture, we decided to get the sofa there and matching console and coffee table. hehe FINALLY! settled!!! then we thought of going for a good dinner in IMM and go there to confirm our SERTA bed frame color so since we are there in IMM we went to the Furniture Club outlet there too just to browse our recent purchases in their Tradehub 21 outlet. Hehe then we spoted another tv console which looks even better!!! So without hesitation, we took the item code of the tv console and went down to Tradehub 21 outlet to change to this tv console that we saw in IMM outlet. hehe... of coz we manage to get the tv console that we like and we even got a good price for the bedside tables when we go down the second time keke..

So far, all the furniture and electrical appliances are in our house already, we are now waiting anxiously for our new sofa that will reach our house by this saturday.. so happy lor.. finally able to sit on the sofa in my living room.

Oh.. then we also got our pretty and handsome wedding pictures...(soft copy) but there is some pictures i really like .. didn't know we can look so nice hahalolz..
then we are looking forward to get our hardcopy of the wedding album around end of nov.. hopefully they can give us earlier.. i really look forward to it!
Heehee hopefully can get it in time to show all my relatives that will be coming to my house this Sunday for "Lup Cai".

Yesterday i arrange a meet up with all my "Jie Meis" to discuss on how to tekan my beloved darling.. hehe "Darling i admit that i contribute to some ideas hahalolz"