Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 arrives... 2007 bye bye

Embracing 2008 with a great smile...and goodbye to the eventful and memorable 2007!

Finally 2007 is over, its really a fun and eventful but hectic and money draining 2007 for the pdacouple as we got to build our love nest, get our wedding album done and hold our wedding within 9 months. Its really fun process to go thru... haha... and money draining too.. poor Mr Pda and everything is worthwhile now.. our wedding album looks good and hahalolz... really make over makes you really look like a "STAR", our actual wedding day went really smoothly even though there is a heavy rain before the start of the wedding dinner, most of the guests turn up and really thank them for their presence as the feeling of everyone that you know is there for you.. its really makes you feel that you are being love!!!

Big THANKS to everyone that help us thru the most important year of pdacouple's life!

A mini new year's eve celebration was held at our love nest to help Mr Tootsie to surprise Mrs Tootsie. keke its really a small and warm gathering ... nice to have Mr and Mrs DL, Mr and Mrs MT, Miss J and Mr B, and most impt couple of the night is Mr and Mrs Tootsie. Its really a pity that my love, Mr Pda is not able to join us... for all the fun and food. Darling i love you muacks dun be sad ok!

Mr Pda's new year resolution: Hope to get a new car and a baby.
Mrs Pda's new year resolution: Change a new job and stay happy!!!



Mr and Mrs Tootsie said...

Faster Faster Mrs PDA...fulfil Mr PDA wish of having either a Prince PDA or Princess PDA hehehe

Mrs Tootsie