Thursday, April 26, 2007

Healthy Breakfast for Mrs PDA

It’s a rainy morning today again. So I decided to take the mrt instead of bus to avoid any possible traffic jams on BKE and PIE. Hehe bump into Miss C at Bugis Mrt, luckily when we are walking towards our office building the rain was not heavy anymore if not we will definitely be drenched again. Feeling healthy this morning so I decided to buy a orange and carrot juice with a banana for breakfast from the office building's canteen. After finish drinking the orange and carrot juice .. Ooh no my stomach still feel empty, luckily I have a banana with me.. Guess what I feel full after a banana. No wonder people says banana is a healthy snack for people who is dieting. Trying hard to slim down hopefully I can make it in time for my ROM.


tootsie said...

Mrs PDA...u sure can one if u have determination...jia you jia you!!!!

Then when i come back and see u...i think i shd be whistling to this slim Mrs PDA...wee wee

Mrs Tootsie

PDA said...

thanks Mrs Tootsie, hopefully i can make it..

Luv, Mrs PDA

tootsie said...

Yeah u sure can one...that time i also can slim from 53kgs to 48kgs within a can u! Jia you Jia you...

PDA said...

Thanks for your encouragment!!!haha i am trying hard le.. you know i lost around 2 kgs till now only. its been 2-3weeks liaoz.. got to keep it up hopefully can do better.

Luv, Mrs Pda