Monday, April 9, 2007

2nd Year Anniversary

Finally its our 2nd yr anni together with Mr Pda, hehe.. yesterday, Mr Pda brought me to a Italian restaurant at Chip Bee Gardens somewhere near Holland V to celebrate. Its actually quite sweet of him as he still bothers to buy a stalk of rose for our anni as we are saving up for our wedding and hse renovation. Really touched! thanks darling! Can't imagine how fast times really files... we known each other for 8yrs as friends and 2yrs as a couple. Fate is really something that its very hard to explain. After losing contact for 2yrs when i was in Brisbane, who would ever guess that when i am back in Singapore for good, Mr Pda would spot me at Orchard Road. And to my surprise, he actually bothers to call my house to look for me and a even bigger surprise that he actually likes me and wants to be together with me. Sometimes love just suddenly appears in your life again and happily we lasted for 2yrs and it's going to last forever as we are getting married this June and holding our customary wedding this December.


tootsie said...

wahh.. CONGRATS!! so loving.. no wonder u'r the PDA couple!! yerrr!!!

Mr Tootsie

tootsie said...

oooo sorry for my late comments....Viola!
Yeap congrats to u both...u guys always seem so sweet and loving to me...continue with that and ur kids ok when u get married...Mr and Mrs Tootsie still wanna see u two PDA-ing this time round with ur kids heheheh

Mrs Tootsie