Wednesday, April 18, 2007

First day of My Strict Diet

Finally today I started my strict diet to prepare for ROM and wedding…since morning I have been drinking lots of water to cleanse my body. For lunch I meet up with Mr Tootsie and Mr O and I thought I would be eating at some food court so that I can eat something not fattening.. Haha.. In the end the food court is too crowded so we decide to go for MAC … oh my .. MAC … and I ordered one fillet O fish meal..but I took only half of the fries and my drink I ordered one hot tea without adding the sugar…. Hopefully it helps to reduce my carbo intake hahalolz.. For dinner I think I will not take anything.. Hopefully this strict diet of mine would really make me slim down in time for my wedding.


tootsie said...

are you sure you never put any sugar?? keke

Mr Tootsie

tootsie said...

Mrs PDA....suggest u can keep ur dinner light or just fruits for dinner cuz dinner is the time when the food are stored as Fats...well u still need a bit of glucose...just a little bit of sugar is fine lar lar lar lar....

Mrs Tootsie the Dietician

PDA said...

hehe.. yup a little sugar is fine. but for the start i try to be strict with myself so that as my diet period gets longer then i might slack.